Farm Profile: Mayneland Farms

September 9, 2016


Mayneland Farm is a 15-acre farm in Naperville, IL. In operation since 1976, owner Jeremy Mayne has been running the farm since 1980. Spring through Fall, Mayneland’s farm stand is open daily, keeping the community stocked on fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey, and berries. And of course, flowers!  

Farmhouse Flowers calls itself lucky to have its home at Mayneland. We met with Barbara Landiak, Farmhouse Flowers Founder, and her daughter, Elise, for a one-on-one interview on their flower farm before grabbing our weekly selection of flowers!

1. How did Farmhouse Flowers come to be?
Farmhouse Flowers was born this year, but my love for growing and gardening began long before that. I can’t remember a spring when vegetable seedlings weren’t sitting under grow lights in our basement and dirt wasn’t permanently under my fingernails. My father, gets most of the credit; my love for planting is very much inherited. In the winter, we’d rack up long-distance minutes pouring over seed catalogs and planning our plantings. Come Spring, I’d be driving cross-country with a car full of tomato seedlings, in all our favorite varieties.

2. How have you accommodated Farmhouse Flowers’ growth in the past year?
We’re definitely a new business. It’s so exciting, but it’s accompanied by the expected growing pains, and lots of let’s-figure-this-out moments. Luckily, it’s very much a family affair. My oldest son is a landscape architect in Chicago, my husband started his own business more than twenty years ago, my oldest daughter is a photographer, and my younger daughter is one of the most competent tractor drivers Mayneland has ever seen. Everyone pitches in and together we make it work.


3. Word is that Mayneland Farm plays a huge role with youth in the community–can you go further into detail?
Yes, absolutely. I’m so grateful that Mr. Mayne has encouraged this side of the business and welcomed newcomers onsite so good-naturedly. He shares our enthusiasm for education, regularly hiring students from neighboring high schools, and teaching and training them about farming, growing and harvesting – all while working around athletic schedules and high school commitments. This year we’re launching a student flower party program, we love the idea of students visiting the farm to make their boutonnieres or nosegays for Homecoming and Turnabout dances.

4. When does pumpkin picking begin? And where do we sign up!
Yes, it’s fall at the farm! Pumpkin harvest has just begun and farm stand visitors can choose their own pumpkin from the high tunnel. A favorite of local student and neighborhood groups, the tractor will soon be attached to the hay wagon for tours, another opportunity for learning and fun.


Flowers for Dreams is so happy to be working with Mayneland Farm, sourcing only the freshest and loveliest flowers for your bouquets and arrangements from Farmhouse Flowers.

Photography by Elise Trattner.