August 06, 2018

August for the Arts

Written by Esther Grimm, Executive Director at 3Arts When we are asked to illuminate the value of our mission to support and advocate for Chicago’s women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities in the performing, teaching, and visual arts, we often find ourselves using the language of flower growers—Oxygen, nourishing the field, planting […]

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July 09, 2018

Supporting Cancer Fighters Everywhere

At 26 years old, Jonny Imerman was diagnosed with testicular cancer and began his fight against the disease. Throughout his experience, Jonny was lucky enough to have loving support from his family and friends, but he had never met anyone his age who was a cancer survivor. Jonny wanted to talk to someone just like […]

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June 05, 2018

Breaking Barriers for People with Disabilities

Doug’s Story Written by our June Chicago Charity, Aspire. Meet Doug Northey, “one of the most important people in the kitchen”. Doug is an adult with a developmental disability who has been utilizing the services of Chicago-based nonprofit Aspire to increase his independence. Thanks to his work with Aspire, Doug recently moved out of his […]

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July 06, 2017

The Arts of Life

We believe art is for everyone. Founded in 2000, The Arts of Life was the first certified program in Chicago to provide employment opportunities – in the arts – for adults with developmental disabilities. They’re set on making art-based learning and expression available to all. The Arts of Life has 2 studios: one in West Town and one […]

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October 03, 2016

Farm Profile: Brightflower Farm

Located in Stockton, IL, is Brightflower Farm—one of our wholesale growers. With only a handful of employees, owners Jeanie McKewan and Michael Staver grow about 200,000 stems of flowers and succulents, supplying to grocery stores, designers, and markets throughout Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee.

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July 14, 2016

Delivering Random Acts of Flowers

Random Acts of Flowers is a non-profit that creates beautiful bouquets from recycled and repurposed flowers to deliver to patients in healthcare facilities.

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May 09, 2018

Reclaiming Chicago One Corner at a Time

This is an Op-Ed from October 22, 2017 written for the The New York Times by Tamar Manasseh, Founder and President of Mothers Against Senseless Killings Why is the Trump administration so obsessed with my city? Just last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said at a Senate hearing that “the murder rate is a cloud […]

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