Which Flower Represents Chicago Neighborhoods?

January 10, 2022

Flowers for Dreams has been delivering flowers to Chicago neighborhoods for the last 9 years, can you believe it? In celebration of almost a decade of beauty, we are excited to highlight our top 10 Chicago neighborhoods delivery areas by matching them with a flower that best represents the area.

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast of Chicago is where luxury meets history. Combining luxury shops such as Hermes, Chanel, and Prada with amazing restaurants. It meets the history of being where many of the true Chicagoans first built their homes after the great Chicago fire, like Potter Pamer. We chose the marigold, a warm and classic flower that comes in luxurious shades of Gold.

River North 

Pink rose Chicago Neighborhoods
Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

River North, as the name would suggest, is known for the Chicago River running from Lake Michigan. It has become a popular destination for watching the Chicago River Dyeing, along with some incredible dining and nightlife options. It is one of the oldest parts of Chicago, so we have picked the Rose. A rose is classic and known by all, not to mention timeless, just like the center of the city.


Lakeview has all the entertainment spots, making it a great place to visit. It is the hub to comedy clubs, Wrigleyville, Blue Man Group, as well as Belmont theater district. You are never short on something to do in this bustling shopping district or oasis of lakeside fun. We picked the Hydrangea to represent Lakeview as they come in many shades of blue and white, similar to the great Lake Michigan.

Logan Square 

Photo by Roma Kaiuk on Unsplash

Logan Square is a unique and creative community that is hosting some incredible Michelin restaurants, historic movie theaters, and seasonal festivals, and farmers markets. For Logan, we chose tulips as it is a symbol of happiness, and to us, the perfect farmers market flower.

Wicker Park 

Wicker Park has no shortage of art, restaurants, nightlife, and shopping at the bustling 6 corners intersection. At the center of the neighborhood, you can enjoy sports, dog parks, walking trails, or just some green space to enjoy within the city.  We chose snapdragons as they come in so many colors and symbolize growth and strength in places they are not expected to grow.


Streeterville is home to one of the most iconic aspects of Chicago, Navy Pier. Navy Pier is filled with rides, cruises, restaurants, and other attractions making it a Chicago favorite. Streeterville is also home to the Museum of Contemporary Arts. We chose the Carnival Helen’s flowers for Streeterville as they are colorful and bright just like the amazing offerings of Streeterville.

West Town

Sunflower Chicago Neighborhoods
Photo by Muhammadh Saamy on Unsplash

West town is known as a cultural melting pot including a heavy influence from European Culture. Chicago Ave is a great place to experience classic Ukrainian cuisine, local artists, shops, and other unique bars and restaurants. We chose the sunflower to honor Ukraine with not only their country’s flower but color as well!

Lincoln Park 

Lincoln Park is on the Northside of Chicago right beside the lakefront. It is a perfect central location to gap the suburbs with downtown Chicago, providing a little bit of everything. Lincoln Park is great for beach days, local shops, and even the zoo! This one is a little obvious, but we chose the Bird of Paradise because it is shaped like a bird. Makes it the perfect flower for the home of our zoo.

North Center

Orchid  Chicago Neighborhoods
Photo by Kyla Flanagan on Unsplash

North Center is old school Chicago with an emphasis on casual venues and gastropubs. Not to mention, home to one of the iconic local breweries, Half Acre Beer Company.  We chose the orchid, a unique flower, but they symbolize charm, beauty, and thoughtfulness which we think truly represents North Center.


Avondale is a more quiet neighborhood that is growing with shops and restaurants quickly. Home to some Chicago favorites, Lost Lake and Kuma’s Corner. It is also one of three spots in the city of Chicago with a Basilica, St. Hyacinth Basilica. We chose the daisy for Avondale, as it represents growth and love.

As we continue to deliver flowers to Chicago Neighborhoods, we urge you to keep a lookout for some of these flowers in our bouquets.