What Kind of Flowers Should You Send? [Infographic]

October 2, 2014

So you’ve decided to send flowers to someone. We think that’s a great idea. Giving flowers is one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to show your consideration. They’re perfect for thank yous or “flowers, just because”.

But which flowers should you send? Are they for a lover or friend? Flowers for Mom? Even though they’re a simple gift, be mindful! Choose which flowers to send carefully. Flowers are full of symbolism and reveal your intentions and feelings. Some flowers show affection, such as mistletoe. Some represent romance, like red roses, and others represent platonic feelings or intentions, like chrysanthemums.

You could be sending a message very different than you intended depending on a flower’s meaning. For you, there’s help. You could be sending flowers for local delivery because you think are just great and “flower meanings” aren’t really a concern of yours. For you, there’s… a fun way to see all the choices.

This infographic is an easy way to decide what kind of flowers to send for different kinds of relationships or occasions. Just follow the flowchart to match your flower delivery recipient to the correct (beautiful and handcrafted) Flowers for Dreams arrangement.


which flowers should you send infographic

Flowers for Dreams operates in Chicago and offers modern bouquets handcrafted from locally sourced flowers. Each bouquet comes wrapped in recycled coffee burlap or vases ranging from reclaimed wood to vintage tins. Our bouquets and arrangements have fair prices starting at just $35. In addition, we not only have free delivery, we deliver by hand, on bikes, with real live people.

SEND A BOUQUET, BENEFIT A LOCAL CHARITY. A portion of every Flowers for Dreams purchase is donated towards a local charity of the month. We’re not just about gorgeous flowers. We want to give back to the Chicago community.