We have a truck!

May 5, 2016

Our biggest fans might have seen some sneak peeks on our Snapchat, but we are now happy to announce and show off our first ever flower truck! This project has been in the works and under wraps for quite some time. From lifting a ban on flower peddling in Chicago, picking out a sweet truck from OutCold, and working with them step-by-step as they made our vision on paper come to life.

Last Friday, OutCold invited our team to their beautiful office for the big unveil party they had generously put together for us. We were in awe as they dropped the curtain to reveal our truck that was hiding on the other side. The level of detail they applied did not go unnoticed as we explored the ins-and-outs of the truck. We were so giddy with excitement and couldn’t wait to drive it!

outcold truck outcold marketing office chicago suitcase speakers outcold marketing officeoffice bar truck reveal flowers for dreams trucktruck design before and after

Our truck will be making it’s debut all over the streets of Chicago this weekend as we surprise various moms with our flowers during their Mother’s Day brunch. So look out for it and say “hi!” And get ready for summer as we’ll be coming to a festival near you.