Welcome Messages with Flowers

January 30, 2016

Welcome messages can be sent for several reasons – welcoming a newborn to the family, welcoming a friend who moved, and welcoming someone to a new job or team to name a few. This month, we did our fair share of welcoming to a family of refugees who traveled to Chicago to start a new life. That’s really what welcoming is about: new beginnings and fresh starts.

With the excuse of the new year, we decided to highlight our favorite welcome messages sent this month. Take a look!

From one working stiff to another, welcome back to the work force.

To my little sister who is not so little anymore, welcome to your 20s. For the first time, you will orchestrate the next decade of your life. Make it fun & make it count.

Here are some fresh flowers to start the year off right!

Welcome to your office! We hope you enjoy your new space for many years to come!

Welcome! We are so happy you are here in Chicago. Our climate is cold but out hearts are warm. You are at home here!

To bringing in 2016, your BIGGEST YEAR YET.

Welcome to Chicago! We hope you feel safe and loved.

Yay for new jobs and new beginnings and vacations and all the other new and wonderful things 2016 will bring!

Welcome from my friends and family to you and your loved ones! I hope you enjoy a sweet start to your new life here in Chicago. We are so thrilled you are here!

Congratulations on the new gig, and welcome to the team! Here’s to finding and growing the new you!