Ways to say ‘I love you’

February 29, 2016

February is the season of love, and we sent out thousands of love messages with flowers throughout the month.

There can be a ton of pressure saying those three words to that special someone. After reading through the all the ‘I love you’ notes, we concluded it’s best if you keep it simple and true to the heart. And sidebar, saying you love someone “to the moon and back” is not original. Here’s our top love messages sent this Valentine’s Day.

I love you more than pizza. Don’t tell pizza.

Whether we are hanging out at the house or traveling the world, I love being with you every day.

I feel there’s no need to wait until V-day when there’s so many random days in February to say Love!

Wherever you are, that is where I wanna be.

Chocolates, dinner, and flowers can’t express the love we share. This valentines, lets do our favorite thing and spend time together.

Yesterday I loved you the most I could love anyone, yet today I love you even more. Happy Valentines Day.

Pre-Valentines/Just cause. You’re lovely. Let’s go dancing.

Happy Valentine’s Day to someone whose heart keeps getting bigger every day!

Valentines Day or any other day, you are my favorite person. I sure am one lucky guy to be married to a woman like you.

Your mix of smarts, charm, beauty, goofiness, thoughtfulness, and curiosity are truly one of a kind. I am so in love with you.