UCP Seguin, our March charity.

February 29, 2016

Meet our March charity, United Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago. UCP Seguin aims to create a world where, as they describe, “children and adults with disabilities achieve their potential, advance their independence and act as full members of the community.”

UCP Senguin programs include community employment, homes, life skills, and enrichment classes to help adults live more independently in their communities. They also outreach to children with disabilities and provide foster care, adoption, and educational services regardless of severe emotional behavioral intellectual or medical challenges.

This month, we’ll be working alongside many of their job trainees as we guest host one of their weekly horticulture therapy courses. We’re looking forward to creating mini bouquets with UCP Seguin members while learning from one another about the ways UCP Seguin has changed their lives.

UCP Seguin partners with Flowers for Dreams