Supporting Local Parks

April 11, 2017

As warmer weather slowly approaches, Chicagoans are itching to spend more time outside. We’re ready to run, play, catch, bike, swing, swim…you name it! Our city comes alive in the Spring/Summer and after being cooped up indoors for several months, there is no place we’d rather be than a local park or beach hanging out with friends & family. This April, Flowers For Dreams has chosen the Chicago Parks Foundation as our charity parter.

A 501c3 charity parter of the Chicago Parks District since 2012, the Chicago Parks Foundation (CPF) has a mission to build a stronger community dedicated to supporting and conserving parks in Chicago. Through focused relationship cultivation and management, CPF is the strategic partner for the coordination of fundraising and charitable resources for the Chicago Park District. CPF is dedicated to protecting Chicago’s parks, making them relevant and accessible for ALL communities, by instilling a sense of stewardship in this generation and for the future.

Have you ever wondered how that old run-down tennis court nearby became a playground? It was most likely because your neighborhood Park Advisory Council (PAC) saw an opportunity to improve a space that was no longer being used and turned it into something everyone can enjoy! There are over 500 parks in Chicago and each one has it’s own PAC consisting of a voluntary group of people who meet regularly to support the effective functioning of their neighborhood parks.

Beautifying parks isn’t the only thing the Chicago Parks Foundation is known for. There are several youth programs supported by the organization. With the help of the Chicago Bears & Bears Care, the Junior Bears Football program impacts over 1,300 youth across Chicago. Other programs like youth boxing, baseball, softball, and sailing are also available.

The Chicago Parks Foundation was selected as Flowers For Dreams’ April charity partner because we believe in not just the importance of community, but the importance of that community having a place to call their own and to be proud of. By purchasing a bouquet in the month of April, you’re not just helping us donate 25% of profits, but you’re helping to enhance the quality of life in Chicago for years to come.