Empowering Refugees with GirlForward

March 2, 2017

This March, our partner charity, GirlForward, is as timely and as important as ever. Right now, our world is seeing the biggest refugee crisis ever, and GirlForward wants to help a particularly vulnerable group: girls. In conflict, women are more prone to violence, isolation, and limited access to education. Many find themselves trying to take refuge in another country, but that can serve challenges such as poverty, language barrier, limited education, isolation, and trauma. This is where GirlForward steps in to help improve the lives of so many refugee girls.

girlforward female refugees

GirlForward has already made a massive impact for hundreds of refugees. The founder, Blair Brettschneider, was inspired to start the nonprofit after she moved to Chicago in 2010 and began tutoring a teen refugee. Now with locations in Austin, Texas and Chicago, Girl Forward has seven employees and many volunteers and mentors that make the incredible work they do possible.

There are three core programs that GirlForward has established for the girls: Mentoring, Camp GirlForward, and the Safe Space Project. The Mentoring Program pairs refugees with a volunteer mentor. Together, they engage in activities dealing with wellness, wisdom, and the world that fosters their passions and assists the girls in graduating from high school. Camp GirlForward offers the opportunity for girls to build their English skills while still learning about their personal identity and expanding their social circles. Finally, the Safe Space Project provides a welcoming retreat at the GirlForward headquarters, where the girls can connect with each other and have access to the resources they need for both education and wellness.

It’s an honor to partner with GirlForward for the month of March, a month that also features International Women’s Day. However, the injustices that women face around the world shouldn’t just be recognized on just one day, but every day. As former president Barack Obama said, “You can judge a nation, and how successful it will be, based on how it treats its women and its girls.” We wholeheartedly agree. We’re proud to support a cause that is dedicated to helping refugee women enjoy the freedoms of our country.

In this political climate, caring for the lives of others, especially those who are not offered a voice or protected, is crucial. We here at Flowers for Dreams are proud to be supporting the needs of these refugee girls in some small way. Make sure to order a bouquet for strong women in your life in support of GirlForward, and learn more about the nonprofit at www.girlforward.org.