Sending Season’s Greetings with Flowers

January 1, 2016

December had an abundance of reasons for people to send flowers: the welcoming of the new year, congratulating newly engaged couples, thanking clients and employees for their hard work, and simply spreading some holiday cheer.
So many messages were the typical “happy holidays” and “happy new year”, so we decided to highlight some of our favorite holiday cards that had a little more creativity and sweetness. Have a look at our top 10 holiday messages sent along with flowers in December.

Christmas shopping is hard when your mom deserves an island but you can only afford flowers. But at least these are really pretty flowers.

If you don’t have a Christmas tree, at least you now have some holiday flowers!

I love our winter walks, and fireplace talks. The falling snows, with our hour long shows. You are not 29, but you are still very fine. Happy 30th birthday, my babe of mine.

Your home always looks so lovely at Christmas, these should fit right in!

Sorry you have to ring in the new year at work. I’ll be sending all the new year jujus your way!

A wintery mix to warm up your home.

Thought I’d help you start your new year fresh with some flowers.

A little holiday cheer for your desk!

Hope you feel better, drink your tea, I want to hold your hand and go ice skating this weekend.

We’ve shared many holidays together, but this is our first with you as my wife. I couldn’t be happier you’ve hitched your wagon to little old me and can’t wait to spend all our celebrations together.


send flowers for christmas