Send flowers. Help the blind.

March 16, 2015

For the entire month of March, each bouquet you send helps benefit The Chicago Lighthouse and their ongoing mission to provide opportunities to the blind and disabled.

For over a century, The Chicago Lighthouse has been a key player for helping the blind and visually impaired. In 1910, they created a sheltered workshop to provide work for those with visual impairment, some of which included assembling switchboards and clocks, and weaving baskets for baby buggies and bicycles. Since then, they have worked in expanding job opportunities, hosting educational and training programs, as well as providing scholarships to students. Today, they are recognized nationally as one of the most comprehensive facilities for improving the lives for the blind, visually impaired, or disabled.

Blind workers weaving baskets circa 1910A blind man is provided work through the Chicago Lighthouse OrganizationBlind folks getting onto a bus.

Learn more about The Chicago Lighthouse here, and as always, send a bouquet to support the cause.