Delivering Random Acts of Flowers

July 14, 2016

Random Acts of Flowers is a non-profit that creates beautiful bouquets from recycled and repurposed flowers to deliver to patients in healthcare facilities.With chapters in Chicago, Knoxville, Tampa, and Silicon Valley, over 124,000 vases have been recycled, creating moments of kindness for over 75 facilities nationwide.

The nonprofit was founded in 2008 by Larsen Jay after having experienced a near-death accident that left him confined in a hospital room. He shortly began his first flower delivery after noticing the support, empowerment, and strength for recovery through floral arrangements and daily visitors.

Today, Random Acts of Flowers operates through donations from donors in the community, corporate sponsorships, grants, foundation support, special event fundraisers, and assistance from over 600 volunteers.

However, despite the large network, the process is fairly simple, taking no longer than two days to complete. On Mondays, flowers are picked up from a floral donor and transported to an RAF facility, where they are then unpacked and deconstructed for Tuesday’s team of arrangers. Once complete, each bouquet receives a personalized card before making its way to a healthcare facility, where volunteers deliver and greet each patient with the gift and smile.

We took a trip to the Foster Health and Rehabilitation Center to assist the Random Acts of Flowers team with deliveries. We’re also hoping to assist them with their goals of expanding nationally; each bouquet purchased and sent through Flowers for Dreams this month will support the cause.