June Charity: Moneythink

June 1, 2015

We’re happy to introduce our charity of the month, Moneythink, an organization dedicated to teaching underprivileged teens about financial life skills. Moneythink roots back to 2008, where sophmore Greg Nance dreamt of sending fellow members of the investment club at his college to local schools to teach kids about finance decisions leading into adulthood. By just a year later, Moneythink was born.


Today the organization has chapters in 30 universities across 10 states, all led by volunteered presidents who prove to be the best young leaders of the campus. All volunteers strive to equip their students with the tools to make responsible financial decisions for their future with a fun and exciting curriculum that young adults can engage in. They even launched the MoneythinkMobile app for mentors and students to connect with each other by completing challenges where their friends can like and comment on.

Moneythink launched their app for students and mentors to engage in.

By the end of the course, Moneythink hopes to achieve each of the four core outcomes to further their vision of a more financially conscious future:


You can keep up with what they’re up to on their blog, get involved with their movement, or send flowers to help.