Macy’s Flower Show

April 25, 2016

Our talented floral designers had the opportunity to create an elaborate floral installation for the Macy’s Flower Show. The theme was America the Beautiful, and after a day of brainstorming, our designers decided to showcase their Southwest/ Americana interpretation.

The installation was complete with a giant cactus made from moss and various succulents attached, a skull wearing a beautiful floral headpiece, an old banjo with florals growing out of it, and a little desert fox invading the deserted camp. The entire set was was handmade, from the cactus to sheet of sand the installation stood on.

Along with the installation, our designers led a presentation about the installation, floral techniques, and the inspiring story of our company. The project was a lot of work but so much fun to create and see come to life.

flower installationflowers-laddercactus flowersdesert-foxskull flower crowndesert fox flowersmacys flower showflowers for dreams installation