Love Stories Made in Chicago

February 2, 2015

With the excuse of Valentine’s Day, we at Flowers for Dreams wanted to explore a softer side of the Windy City. We met with some of Chicago’s most interesting and inloved couples to learn about how this great city informed or even created their relationships.

Told only through rich images, a bundle of flower bouquets, and their own quotables, we call it “Love Stories Made in Chicago”.


Jo & Taner

“Taner and I had met a few times before and ran into each other at a friend’s birthday party. I had an unfortunate experience on the CTA on my way to the party so Taner offered to give me a ride home on his motorcycle (something I had always wanted to do). I got us lost and told him he was cool. The rest is history.” –Jo

Chicago love stories featuring Jo and Taner

“Flowers for Dreams is partnering with One Tail at a Time, an all-breed dog rescue for the month of February. Flowers and pups, what could be better? Flowers for Dreams’s delightful bundles are making a difference and I think it’s great that not only are you receiving beautiful flowers, but are also doing good.”

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 Kat & Andrew

Chicago love stories featuring Kat and Andrew

“I was in California for a job interview and a friend suggested Katharine and I get a drink since I was in town and didn’t know anyone. After much persistence, Katharine agreed. Then we ended up going out every night I was in town. Katharine was slated to transfer Depaul to finish her religious studies degree in the fall of that year, so I wrote letters from Chicago every week until she moved.” –Andrew

Chicago love stories featuring Kat and Andrew

“When Katharine moved to go to Depaul, we took an epic road trip from Monterey, California (where Katharine grew up) back to Chicago. I flew out and together we packed a Volvo station wagon with all of her worldly possessions and drove for 5 days. We stopped in Vegas, broke down in the salt flats of Utah, and accidentally took the long way through the Colorado rockies. It encompasses our relationship; there have been few bumps, but good times so long as we are together.”

If you’re ever in the Logan Square neighborhood, you can stop by Bang Bang Pie and give Andrew a hello!

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Alex & Zac

Chicago love stories featuring Alex and Zac

“Our favorite memory has to be when we reconnected from not talking for nearly a year. Zacary lived in Chicago while I was still back home. I contacted him asking if he would like to grab lunch somewhere downtown. I remember it as if it were yesterday. He started to cross the street but he didn’t see me approaching him yet. My heart was so heavy and my stomach was filled with butterflies. I fell in love with him that very moment. It was love at first sight.” –Alex

Chicago love stories featuring Alex and Zac

“The bouquets from Flowers for Dreams are THE flowers to buy for Valentine’s Day! The wonderful and artistic flowers presentation is absolutely beautiful and it’s always different.”

Alex and Zac both share a love for photography. You can see through their eyes @alexpaigeferry + @zac_cla.

Rachel & Ian

Chicago love stories featuring Rachel and Ian

Rachel and Ian hit it off instantly and share many special memories together. One in particular is from their first vacation. “We took our first vacation together in Virginia Beach and on the drive back to New York City we pulled off to the side of the road to watch the sunset on the Chesapeake Bay.” –Rachel

Chicago love stories featuring Rachel and Ian

“Flowers for Dreams are more unique than other florists. The arrangements are so beautiful! I also love how fresh they are. They last much longer than other flowers I’ve gotten!”

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 Richard & Ellie

Chicago love stories featuring Richard and Ellie

“We met at a random open mic night that Richard’s little brother was performing at. I wasn’t even planning on going, but decided to stop in spontaneously. It wasn’t long before a friendship formed and a trip to Chicago was planned with a group of friends. Everyone backed out last minute, except for the two of us. It was that trip to Chicago that really changed the trajectory of our relationship. We ended up having such a blast from the second we they hit the road, getting to know one another in ways that only trips together allow; particularly, our mutual love of the Chicago brunch scene. We both credit that trip as the time we began to fall for one another. Richard lives in Chicago now, and we’ve found that the more time we spend together in this city, the more we seem to fall in love.” — Ellie

Chicago love stories featuring Richard and Ellie

“You can tell that a lot of care goes into making each arrangement. But the business model has taken the act of giving flowers to a whole new level. What better way to show someone love than by also sharing love with others in the city by way of their generous donations to local charities? It makes giving flowers that much more meaningful.”

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Morgan & Sam

Chicago love stories featuring Morgan and Sam

“We met at a Christian youth group when a friend of Morgan’s mom urged her to go and meet some new people. I was one of the first people she met and things moved quickly to me asking her to prom, then to date, and now three years later we’re in love!” –Sam

Chicago love stories featuring Morgan and Sam

“What draws me to Flowers for Dreams is the quality and service of the brand. I have never received a bouquet as beautiful as the ones from Flowers for Dreams and having them arrive at my doorstep for free was the cherry on top! I love knowing that my flowers were recently picked up at a local market and hand designed right here in my city before being quickly delivered to my door step by the nicest staff ever. I also love that part of the proceeds go to a charity every month and that not only am I receiving joy from my flowers but a worthy cause is also benefiting from my purchase.” –Morgan

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Nina & Alex

Chicago love stories featuring Nina and Alex

“We met through our friend, Charles. The first time I met Charles, he told me he had a friend he could set me up with. He introduced us a few months later and we fell for each other instantaneously. Now we call Charles ‘Chupid’.” – Nina

Chicago love stories featuring Nina and Alex

“Flowers are always a lovely gift, no matter the date. But Flowers for Dreams are special. They show you’re being thoughtful about your partner and your community. Their bouquets are gorgeous + sourced locally + completely affordable, and their sense of philanthropy is admirable. Don’t even get us started on how dang nice the staff is.”

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All photos by John Towner.