How To Stun With All-White Flowers

September 2, 2014

White, as the emblem of purity, is one of the most under utilized colors in everyday floral arrangements. White flowers are all too often only seen in solemn places of worship thus the everyday beauty of white flowers don’t receive the attention they deserve.

White flowers Chicago

To quickly embrace the lovely look that is white flowers, follow these tips:

  • Use white flowers to contrast the other hues in the arrangement
  • While the monochromatic look is very hot right now, embracing different shades of white within the same arrangement can also be quite chic.
  • Don’t be afraid of mixing light with dark to accentuate the overall arrangement.

Leave it to Pinterest to be the best compilation of white floral innovation!

We at Flowers for Dreams offer a Sky bouquet starting at $35 (including free delivery) that uses white stems to make the blue and yellow blooms pop.

Chicago loop flowers

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