Housing, Healthcare, and the Human Connection

December 21, 2016

As winter approaches, our attention shifts to those who are in need of warmth and compassion. The Night Ministry, headquartered in Ravenswood on Chicago’s north side, provides a number of services to those in the city who struggle with poverty and homelessness.

Over the last 40 years, The Night Ministry has developed a number of systems and programs designed to address the ongoing needs of the youth and adults they serve. Among these programs is the Health Outreach Bus where the volunteer hospitality crew serves coffee, hot chocolate, or lemonade, along with conversation to create a safe and comfortable setting. Screening and monitoring of chronic health conditions, as well as various other tests and vaccination, is also provided. The Bus allows the Night Ministry to reach thousands of individuals with challenging life situations across the city on a regular schedule, year round.

The Night Ministry also focuses on short-term housing. “The Crib” is an outreach program focused on LGBT youth and offers non-judgmental support, guidance, food, and self-care supplies. The “Response-Abillity Pregnant & Parenting Program” is the only shelter in Chicago that will work with pregnant or parenting teens as young as 14.

Flowers for Dreams is proud to help the Night Ministry celebrate their 40-year mission to provide housing, healthcare, and human connection to those in need by donating 25% of our profits throughout the month of December. Visit www.thenightministry.org to learn more about how they are impacting the community.