Growing Home

June 1, 2016

Our June charity is Growing Home, a non-profit dedicated to supporting healthy eating and job training to Chicago communities. Located in Englewood, Growing Home’s farm is the source for organic foods to many local restaurants and markets, and it is all grown by community members.

Growing Home stems from wanting to supply job opportunities to those with barriers for employment. By linking job placement and training with agricultural farming, Growing Home helps the entire well-being of a community: jobs to help with economical stability and organic produce for an individual’s good health. They believe increasing one’s well-being in turn makes one more able and at will to participate within their community.

Just last year, over 80% of those involved with Growing Home found employment after their 14-week program completion. Jobs include working at restaurants, wholesalers, and retailers. Some members of the program even go on to start their own community gardens, continuing their healthy and organic eating stride. It is clear Growing Home not only teaches those about good health and nutrition, but helps form a new and healthy lifestyle.

For the entire month of June, every bouquet sent benefits Growing Home’s mission to impact more Chicago lives and communities.

picking cherry tomatoesfarming in chicagoGrowing Home Farm Englewood Chicago