Funny flower messages for October

October 28, 2015

There were so many funny messages to choose from this month, as October was a busy one for us here at the Flowers for Dreams studio. With the release of our Fall bouquet and holidays like Boss’s day and Sweetest Day, people found plenty of reasons to send our flowers. For this month’s card series, we picked our top 10 feel-good flower messages that really made us laugh. Take a peek through; maybe your message made the cut!

My love, a fall bouquet to mark two falls ago when I fall’ed in love with you! xoxo

Sorry for getting your car towed! At least it wasn’t stolen though!

Because Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are overdone – but don’t try to consume these.

Roses are red, these flowers are blue. Blake is jerk, what else is new?

Happy Boss’s Day, to a boss we’d still be friends with even if you weren’t paying us

If we have to be bossed around by someone, we are glad it’s you!

They say you can best judge a boss by looking at the team that works for her. So, what we’re really trying to say is- Damn, we’re good! Happy Boss’s Day.

Happy Birthday to the best girlfriend of all time, I will love you forever… or until I get deported 😉

Found a flower shop called “Flowers for Dreams”…. don’t give up.

With all my love for happy sweetest day and happy 25th anniversary. Best marriage I’ve ever had.