Floral Hospitality

July 31, 2016

We joined Random Acts of Flowers volunteers at Presence Saint Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center in West Town, just down the street from our Flowers for Dreams studio. 

With chapters in Chicago, Silicon Valley, Knoxville, and Tampa, Random Acts of Flowers is a non-profit charity that looks to create beautiful floral bouquets from recycled and repurposed flowers.

What the volunteers do is simple — put a smile on the faces of hospital patients. With a cart full of floral arrangements, our team divided up and set out to conquer different floors in the hospital. In each room we visited, we explained the Random Acts of Flowers and Flowers for Dreams mission, that we were there to brighten up their day, and briefly mentioned all the different flowers that were thoughtfully placed in their vase.

While flowers alone are enough to make anyone happy, it brought so much joy to all of the hospital patients knowing that they are being loved by complete strangers. Even our staff was deeply touched by the smiles radiated by all of those that received an arrangement from Random Acts of Flowers. We loved partnering with RAF during the month of July, and are looking forward to seeing add more positivity into the world.


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