Chicago Love Stories: Flowers for Dreams

February 12, 2016

Last but not least in our Love Stories series is our very own Jo of Flowers for Dreams and his girlfriend Stephanie. Here’s 5 things you may not know about our co-founder and his counterpart.

  1. They fell in love dressed as Santa.
    “We first met at The Twelve Bars of Christmas bar crawl that happens annually in the city Wrigleyville’s Deuces & Diamonds. At the end of the bar crawl, we shared a cab with two of my other friends and were secretly holding hands.” -Stephanie
  2. His cheesy pickup line worked on her.
    “We went on our first date 4 days after Valentines Day. He walked up to the hostess and said ‘Romeo and Juliet party for two’.” -Stephanie
  3. They celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 18th.
    “We celebrate Valentines Day and our anniversary on the same day, February 18th. The toughest part of our relationship is that I work long days, especially around Valentine’s Day. This makes seeing each other as much as we would like very difficult. When you’re a business owner it’s very easy to have your business take over your life. But when I’m with her, I’m able to turn off an enjoy her company.” -Jo
  4. Neither one of them considers what they do “work”.
    “Stephanie works for the reason everyone should. Self-fulfillment. Not for money or for fame. But because she genuinely loves what she’s doing. It’s not a job to her; she gets up every morning to make individuals and families life struggles, easier. Her values are very similar to mine. She works hard to make the world a better place.” -Jo
  5. Their favorite plan is no plan.
    “If it were up to us, we would go somewhere new every week. We both enjoy going on random spontaneous outings and trips. Whether we are going to the casino in Hammond, Indiana, driving to Green Lake, Wisconsin or trying a hole in the wall Thai restaurant, we are always having the best time together. We enjoy finding hidden gems, typically family owned, authentic hole-in the wall restaurants.” -Stephanie
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Send a bouquet like Stephanie’s to your Valentine.