Chicago Love Stories: Bowtruss

February 11, 2016

Our fourth installment of the Chicago Love Stories is Phil and Mickie, owners of Bowtruss Coffee Roasters with multiple locations spread throughout Chicago, and now Beverly Hills, Ca. Here’s 5 things you didn’t know about the people behind this iconic Chicago coffee company.

  1. When they met, he became her boss. Now she is his.
    “She left a business card at a cafe and I picked it up and inquired if they needed web help. She was like ‘no thanks we go live in two weeks.’ Three weeks later the company went bust and she needed a gig so I interviewed her and hired her to write and cook at Doejo. Then I started falling for her and her daughter and decided I wanted to make a family with them so I fired her. Now she’s the boss and she drives me bonkers. #hustled” – Phil
  2. Her version of the story is probably more true.
    “We met 4 years ago when Philip picked up my business card that I had left in a cafe . About a year later he told me that he pretended to be interested in my company, but really he was intrigued by my photo on my card. Totally funny and such a Phil thing to do :)”
  3. She spoils him.
    “Phil must have a coffee minutes after waking. He has it made–I bring him coffee on a tray with breakfast most mornings. It’s a nice way to wake up to start a long day.”
  4. They crave the Chicago outdoors.
    “Farmer’s markets, walks to the park, bike rides, movies, traveling, nights out at our favorite restaurants (Longman eagle, Doc B’s, Farmhouse Chicago, Lula Cafe) and if we’ve had a busy week (and not that much time to talk) we love to just catch up and plan the weekend and following week.”
  5. He has a Valentine’s Day plan under wraps.
    “It’s a surprise, but will include F4D flowers :)” He did give us a sneak peek of his love letter to her though:”Thank you for making babies with me, I love you forever, even when you’re trying to drive me crazy.” – Phil


coffee shop Chicago Flowers at Bowtruss Bowtruss coffee Bowtruss in Lakeview, Chicago


Send a bouquet like Mickie’s to your Valentine.