Chicago charity: Noah’s Arc Foundation

November 2, 2015

We’re so grateful to be helping such a special Chicago charity by donating a quarter of our profits from the sale of flowers to the Noah’s Arc Foundation. The Noah’s Arc Foundation exists to help children and young adults of Chicago develop a better sense of self.

Founded in 2010 by 2 time NBA all-star for the Chicago Bulls, Joakim Noah, alongside his mother, Cecilia Rodhe, the non-profit focuses on providing extra curricular activities to keep children off the streets and away from drugs and violence.

Founders Joakim Noah and his mother Cecilia Rodge

The NAF believes kids and teens need outlets to find themselves and explore their creativity and talents. By using Joakim’s talent in sports and Cecilia’s degree in the arts, the NAF has created several programs for kids to participate in, learn from, and express themselves. For instance, Cecilia’s background in art therapy helped her create the program “Expression from the Inside of Kids“, where kids use clay to sculpt their emotions and make what they feel, not what they see. Other programs include a “Moonlight Basketball League” and “Rock the Drop“, a pledge to stop voilence.

Cecilia Rodhe leading an art program for Chicago's youth

Joakim has always valued giving back to his community and has a passion for helping children follow their dreams. We’re so excited to be helping his vision this month and are doing something extra special for them; we’ve teamed up with @properties and their @giveback program to double down on our donation total. This month, when an @properties client sends a bouquet, their recipient is encouraged to #ShareTheLove by sending a bouquet of their own, and so on.

Who do you #ShareTheLove with? Show them by sending a bouquet, and together we’ll help at risk children follow the path to success.