Apprenticeships that change lives

August 6, 2016

The start of August anticipates the start of a new school year and coincidentally marks the beginning of an exciting partnership with a charity that empowers youth to succeed.

SPARK is a national non-profit that was founded by teachers and education entrepreneurs Chris Balme and Melia Dicker in 2004. Since then, the organization has supported over 5000 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia by pairing them with mentors in exciting workspaces.

The results are extraordinary; ninety-two percent of SPARK students have graduated or are on track to graduate, as compared to the 68% average in districts SPARK selects from.

Their Chicago chapter was recently recognized with the area of biggest growth, working with over 1000 Chicago Public School students since 2011287 in 2015 alone. From apprenticeships at companies such as Google and Tyson Foods, Chicago’s underserved youth are now able to excel in a range of fields at the nation’s top industries and explore their strengths and capabilities, making SPARK just the perfect back-to-school essential!

So join us in supporting our charity of the month and the youth in our community.

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