20 DIY Flower Vase Projects

July 24, 2014

Once you’ve had your favorite flower bouquet delivered, it’s always a good idea to display them in a vase. Sometimes that old, ugly vase can really hold back a bouquet’s good looks. Use these tips and tricks to ensure your floral delivery is beautiful when on display and brightens up the room. It’s easier than you think!

1. Paint an old vase

Use textured, stained glass, acrylic or other kinds of paint, to upcycle an old vase. It will be virtually free and add a touch of personality and flair to your home. It’s all about YOU showing off your own unique style and making things SPECIAL! Get creative.

20 DIY flower vase projects

2. Spray paint with metallic paint

Spray paint an old vase you have (or one purchased for a dollar or two at a thrift store) with metallic spray paint to create an elegant and beautiful vase. This will create a look of a very expensive vase for next to nothing.

3. Wood or acorns

Create a natural, rustic-looking vase by gluing bark, acorns, sticks or other natural elements to a clear vessel. This is a great idea for a log cabin or other rustic setting. You can spray paint the wood or acorns with a clear coat and keep them outside, as well. Really cool.

4. Chalkboard paint

Paint your vase with chalkboard paint and then write on them! You can label them with what kind of flowers are in them, or simply decorate them. A cool idea is to let your kids decorate them! Kids love chalk and it will add a touch of that special quirkiness that every home needs. You can also make them as gifts for teachers and have your kids write a message!

chalkboard paint DIY vases

5. Sweater Vases

Use old socks, sweaters or scarves as “snuggies” for tin cans, old bottles or old vases, to create fun, funky vessels. You can put anything in them including pencils, pens, paint brushes and, of course, flowers!

6. Decorate an old chip can

You can use grout, stones, decorative tiles, or whatever else you can find, to decorate an old cylindrical chip can and make gorgeous, simple vases. These will look so fabulous that no one will ever believe that you made them from “garbage.”

7. Tape

Use washi or other colorful tapes to create fun, funky vases out of tin cans. These can be striped, checked, plaid and more. The best part is that the tape is doing all of the work for you. No paint, no mess, no fuss. Just remove the labels from used pasta or vegetable cans and thoroughly rinse and dry them before applying the tape.
Use tape to decorate old tins and vases

8. Photo vases

Mod podge old photos onto white PVC pipe to create simple, elegant and timeless pieces. These make wonderful gifts for mothers, grandmothers and children. You can also use these as wedding centerpieces with photos of the bride and groom. They are very personalized and special.

9. Beaded vase

Almost any woman has (or at one point had) pretty, simple, stretchy beaded bracelets. Take those bracelets and then stretch them around a vase or other container to make a stunning and simple vase with a bohemian feel. These are just way too fun not to try.

10. Light bulb vases

These are super simple, chic and elegant. You cut off the end of an old light bulb, empty out all of the contents and TADA! You have a fun, functional and slightly offbeat vase for one or two stems! Cute!
Lightbulb vases

11. Yarn vases

Cover old beer, wine or soda bottles with yarn to make a unique vase. You can use all the same color yarn or twine, or switch it up and make a pattern. Just get out your glue and get creative.

12. Mosaic vase

You probably have (or can find cheap) some interesting, old tiles somewhere. Use old broken tiles, a hot glue gun and an old container to make your very own hand-made stunning vase. You can make it colorful, neutral or totally funky. It’s up to you!

13. Burlap vase

Wrap an old vase in burlap to create a country, rustic feeling vase. You can adorn it with ribbons, sequins or whatever else strikes your fancy. Create a glamorous, shabby chic feeling. These are fabulous centerpieces for a rustic, country wedding.

Use burlap to cover a vase and give it a rustic feel.

14. Textured spray paint

Use textured spray paint to create interesting and fun vases out of old wine or beer bottles. The right paint will make them look ceramic and earthy.

15. Scrapbook vase

Mod podge pieces of old scrapbook paper, newspaper, tissue and more to a vase, jar or other container to make a unique conversation piece. Try making one specific to a time of year, event or person to make it extra special. One for a birthday might include newspaper clippings from the day the person was born, for example. What a wonderful keepsake.

16. Wall-mounted mason jars

Create wall-mounted vases for indoor or outdoor use by mounting a mason jar to a piece of solid wood with a wire. So bohemian and chic! These look fabulous inside in a rustic cabin or outside on a deck. There really isn’t anywhere that they wouldn’t look pretty cool!

Mount mason jars for a piece of wood to display your flowers.

17. Pencil Vase

This is a great gift for a teacher, a writer or an artist. Glue pencils (lengthwise) down the sides of a vase to create a really decorative and fun vessel. You can then tie a ribbon around, or add other touches of flair to dress it up a bit… or leave it “as is.” It’s up to you.

18. Paintbrush vase

This is a similar idea to the pencil vase only using paintbrushes. This would be an ideal gift for an artist!

19. Paint the INSIDE

Drop some paint on the inside of an old jar, or other clear container, and slowly move the vessel around until the entire inner surface is covered. This will create a really interesting and beautiful aesthetic. You will be amazed at how simple it is, and there’s no worrying about keeping it safe while it dries! Here’s an example via Michelle over at Mind of Meesh!

Paint the inside of a mason jar to give it a fresh look.

20. Soda bottle and CD vase

This vase is made from two things that you definitely have on hand. An old bottle and an old CD. Cut the top off of an old soda bottle and then glue the lid section to a CD. This will create a goblet style vase. Then paint, decorate and go crazy! The best part is that you are upcycling and not wasting your old items. That’s so eco-friendly of you…