15 Unique Flower Crafts

August 27, 2014

Whether for gifts, fashion or home décor, flowers are some of nature’s many treasures that never go out of style. No matter the season, hand-delivered bouquets from Flowers For Dreams are perfect not only as beautiful decor, but also as excellent muses for homemade crafts and DIY projects. Check out our flower crafts projects for inspiration!

From simple kid-friendly crafts to more elaborate floral-inspired art projects, we’re bringing you all the flower-inspired craft ideas you need to keep yourself or the kids busy during a break, liven up your home décor, or pay homage to the floral fashion trends of the season. Here are 15 of the most unique flower crafts using fresh and faux flowers and other flower-related items. Happy crafting!


1. Floral wreath

What better way to welcome the bounty of the season than to incorporate seasonal floras and faunas into a colorful wreath as you welcome guests into your home? To ensure your floral wreath stays vibrant, saturate the foam base in cool water before inserting fresh flower stems into the foam ring. Maintain the fresh look day after day by placing the backside of the wreath in cool water daily. For home décor that lasts all season, combine an assortment of seasonal silk or paper flowers into your wreath by pinning the moldable metal wire stems into a round foam base.



2. Pressed flowers

Preserving flowers with a traditional pressing technique is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite floras long after they’ve faded away with the season. To see the best results, select a flower with a single layer of petals and pluck it when it is at its peak of freshness and color. To prep your flowers for pressing, make sure to they are clean and dry, and trim the stems short enough so they fit nicely into your flower press. Arrange your flowers on a single sheet of paper between the pages of a heavy book or flower press, ensuring the weight is evenly distributed. Leave the book or press weighted for a week to 10 days before peeling away the layers to find your freshly preserved, paper thin flowers. Place the dried flowers in antique picture frames or laminate them onto cards to add a romantic element to any gift or decoration.



3. Flower lampshade

For this trendy, yet functional, piece of flower-inspired home décor, all you need is an inexpensive lampshade, ribbon, a glue gun and your favorite assorted silk flowers. To transform a plain old lampshade into this floral work of art, simply attach flowers to a lampshade using a hot glue gun and finish the look off with a complementary ribbon. Whether you decide to cover every square inch of the shade with the same flower, alternate color patterns and textures, or simply use a few silk flower vines as accents, this feminine, floral-inspired home décor adds a brilliant touch that is sure to light up any room!


napkin rings

4. Napkin rings

Forget the flower vase! Find a new way to incorporate flowers into your next dinner setting with these fun silk flower napkin rings. All you need to craft these works of art are a few elastic hair ties, a sewing kit and some faux roses. For last-minute guests, just look for premade flower-adorned ponytail holders at your local convenience or craft store to wrap around your table linens to add color to any tablescape.


Flower magnets

5. Vintage floral magnets

Reuse your old vintage brooches and pins by repurposing them into something beautiful to adorn your refrigerator. To craft these sparkling vintage magnets, simply remove the pin on the back of an old brooch with a pair of pliers, then superglue a magnet onto the back for a dazzling ornament for your refrigerator.



6. Floral tote

This stylish flower-inspired tote is a pretty and playful accessory that can be dressed to match your favorite summer outfits. Don’t let screen printing scare you – it’s actually relatively easy. All you need is fabric, a wood picture frame, mod podge, paintbrushes, fabric ink, and a squeegee, and you’re on your way to awesome, original floral prints on your new bag. First you’ll need to decide on your design, whether it be leaves and stems, big sunflowers, or botanical patterns, etc. Then use this step-by-step guide to complete the project.



7. Flower tea poms

To add a playful touch to any tea party – whether it be for Mother’s Day, a baby shower or garden party – dress up the tea bags with a fun pop of color using these tiny paper tea poms. To craft these colorful little puffs, cut out 1 ½-inch squares of tissue paper and fold them in half twice to make smaller squares. Use pinking shears to cut a patterned curve into the tissue square from one corner to the other. To add even more texture, cut a few snips halfway through the tissue to create petals. Unfold the stack and use a glue dot in the center of the sheets to secure the tea bag string to your pom. Secure more and more stacks of textured tissues to the string until you’ve achieved your desired look.



8. Flower candles

Add a floral design to homemade candles by embedding pretty peek-a-boo flowers that shine through the wax. To accomplish this craft, you’ll need dried flowers, a molded candle, craft adhesive and paraffin wax. Simply arrange and secure your dried flowers to a candle using craft adhesive, then dip the entire candle into a pot of melted wax for five seconds. Remove and dip again for another five seconds. Let your new flower candle dry for at least two hours, and voila! You have a beautiful new botanical candle.



9. Flower cones

To quickly and easily craft a lightweight flower cone that can be easily hung on a doorknob, grab a pair of scissors, some medium-weight paper, craft glue and your favorite bouquet to gift to a neighbor or friend. To make these easy bouquet cones, simply glue a square paper into a cone shape and weave ribbon through punched holes along the top edge to complete the simple design.



10. Waxed flowers

Preserving cut flowers by waxing them can be an ideal solution for anyone hoping to maintain the shape and form of a beautiful bunch of freshly cut flowers longer than their natural lifespan. To wax flowers, simply dip fresh flowers and stems into hot paraffin wax and allow to dry in order to enjoy the blooms for several weeks, instead of just several days.



11. Pressed flowers in glass

Whether to brighten up plain frames or to incorporate into coasters and plates, pressed flowers add a delicate design to any dishware or décor. To adhere the pressed flowers onto a glass surface, make sure the glass is clean and dry before adhering the flowers using clear craft glue. On glass, the flowers will appear to float in thin air, creating a beautiful, eye-catching effect to any of your glass wares.



12. Floral spheres

For a wow-worthy centerpiece to adorn a wedding, party, or tablescape, whip up these whimsical globes for a fanciful orb of color that your guests are sure to love. To craft these flower-filled balls, use bobby pin-shaped pieces of wire to attach the center of each sturdy flower onto a foam ball, covering its entire surface. Place the floral-filled globe atop a simple vase or hang from the ceiling or outdoors for a big pop of color or subtle feature throughout any venue.



13. Flower crowns


Flower crowns add an air of whimsy and ethereal beauty to any woodland wedding or girl’s outdoor birthday party. To craft this crown of florals, you’ll need assorted flowers and fauna cut to 2 or 3 inches in length, satin ribbon, florist tape, 16-gauge wire, and shears. Wrap floral tape around each stem individually to sturdy each flower base before attaching the ribbon and flowers to the wire using floral tape. To maintain a fresh look as long as possible spray the crown with water or floral finishing spray to keep the blooms perky and bright.


14. Floral hair comb

Pretty floral combs or clips are sure to spruce up any hairstyle in no time. All you need are a few fresh or silk flowers, ribbon, a hair comb, a glue gun, cardstock and clippers. First things first, attach the cardstock and ribbon to the hair comb with your hot glue gun to serve as the base for your mini floral arrangement. For fresh flowers, use a dollop of cold glue to set your flowers in place on the ribbon. These beautiful DIY hair pieces are great to craft together with your bridal party or for a daughter’s birthday.



15. Floral prints

Make crafty handmade cards, prints, and more with beautiful floral prints using just a canvas, some acrylic paint, and – believe it or not – fresh vegetables! Simply take a head of lettuce (shown), neatly cut of the end, dip into paints, and press onto your canvas! You’ll create unique, rose-like patterns that you can add in abundance for an allover pattern or just a few for a bold statement. You can also use a bunch of celery bound together with a rubber band or the end of okra to mix up the “flower” patterns, or experiment with other types of vegetables!