10 Occasions for Paper Flowers // + Tutorials!

August 7, 2014

Though we enjoy a vibrant bouquet of blossoms the most, paper flowers can be fun for certain occasions. Paper flowers are not only intricate, artistic pieces for home décor, holidays or events, but they allow you to repurpose and enjoy these beautiful blossoms time and time again.

No matter the season, you can craft just about any floral varietal imaginable with just a bit of paper, glue and scissors, as well as the occasional floral tape or craft wire for support. Put that leftover tissue or construction paper to good use with these crafty paper flowers for every occasion!

construction paper flowers

1. Origami leaves

Occasion: Thanksgiving

What better holiday than Thanksgiving to gather the family around for a day of arts and crafts? These intricate – yet surprisingly easy to make – origami leaves provide the perfect accompaniment for your holiday cornucopia, autumn wreath or as standalone décor to sprinkle amid your Thanksgiving feast. All you need for these structurally sophisticated leaves are a few squares of colored paper in autumn-inspired russets and golds, and a little patience with the little ones as you instruct them on the proper folding techniques to craft the perfect, everlasting paper leaf.

To engineer these little beauties, follow these easy steps:

  1. Cut colored paper into squares of different sizes
  2. Fold the paper into a triangle
  3. Fold the top corners of the triangle halfway down on both sides.
  4. Using one edge of the top corner flap as a guide, fold the bottom right corner upwards
  5. Fold the same piece down, with approximately 1 cm. in between folds
  6. Fold the piece back up with 1 cm. in between folds
  7. Repeat, folding the single side in 1 cm. increments to create an accordion look
  8. Turn the paper over with the accordion fold at the bottom
  9. Fold the paper down along the dotted line
  10. Repeat accordion fold in 1 cm. increments
  11. Unfold the accordion folds
  12. Fold a thin diagonal strip along the bottom edge of the triangle
  13. Open up the paper like a book
  14. Curl the edges to shape the leaf

Source: Bloomize

10 Occasions for Paper Flowers + Tutorials!

2. Giant flowers

Occasion: Prom

For a fairytale ambiance like none other, giant paper blooms are sure to make a splash on any scene, creating an air of whimsy and enchantment for prom photos or a school dance backdrop. Crafting these flowers involves a bit of time and material to construct, so perhaps enlisting the help of a prom committee or art department to help is a good idea so you have extra helping hands you need to bring these giant flowers to life.

To create these oversized, self-standing flowers, follow these steps:

Stem base

  1. Pour cement into plastic cups and let harden
  2. Cut sturdy, woven wire, like stucco wire, into various stem lengths
  3. Mold the wire to the cement cups
  4. Cover the wire and cement cup base with tape
  5. Cover the stem with green tissue paper


  1. Twist 20-gauge wire into leaf base structure, as shown
  2. Cut and glue tissue paper around the leaf’s wire structure
  3. Insert the leaves’ wire stem into the stem base


  1. Cut tissue paper into various petal sizes
  2. Bunch the smallest sized petals into a bouquet and tape them together
  3. Position and tape the larger petal layers around the outside of the bouquet
  4. For the centers, scrunch and glue together circles of tissue paper
  5. Glue moss into the center of the circles
  6. Attach the flower to the base stem using zip ties

Source: Ruche

10 Occasions for Paper Flowers + Tutorials!

3. Crepe bouquets

Occasion: Wedding

Crepe bouquets add a stylish touch to weddings either as the bridesmaids’ bouquets or the ceremony décor. All you need to whip up these colorful and long-lasting floral arrangements is some crepe paper, floral wire, scissors and green floral tape. Gather your bridesmaids for a fun and crafty get-together where everyone gets to make their own bouquet, or gather an even larger group of family and friends to pull the entire DIY wedding décor together for your big day.

Here’s how to construct these simple and elegant crepe bouquets:

  1. Fold crepe paper into accordion-style folds
  2. Curl up the outer edges
  3. Bunch the paper up at one end around floral wire and secure the bottom ¼ inch tightly with thread
  4. Cover the stem and bottom of the flower up to the thread with floral tape

Source: Bridesmaid.com

10 Occasions for Paper Flowers + Tutorials!

4. Pom pom vines

Occasion: Outdoor party

These festive pom pom garlands act as the perfect decorative accent for a patio or garden party. Whether for a casual outdoor gathering, a neighborhood block party or a family barbeque, these beautiful strands of colorful florals are suited to fit any outdoor occasion. In the case of inclement weather, simply relocate these pretty poms into a sunroom or drape them around a door frame to bring the beauty of the outdoors in.

To make these pom pom vines, follow these easy steps:


  1. Fold 7 sheets of tissue paper together at 1-inch increments
  2. Wrap floral wire around the center of the tissue paper stack.
  3. Cut both ends of the tissue paper stack into semi-circles
  4. Carefully pull out each sheet of tissue paperLeaves
  5. Cut green craft paper into a figure eight, and fold into quarters
  6. Unfold and make a small incision in the center of the cutout
  7. Pull twine through the center hole and tie into knots to secure the leaf in place
  8. Use the same twine to secure the pom pom flowers using the floral wire attached
  9. Repeat, alternating leaves and pom poms to complete the garland

Source: oncewed

10 Occasions for Paper Flowers + Tutorials!

5. Rose branch candelabra

Occasion: Springtime tablescape

Get creative with your springtime tablescape with this beautiful, paper rose-adorned candelabra. For this stunning seasonal centerpiece, you will need a branch with a lot of sturdy offshoots, paper in an assortment of colors, a glue gun, scissors, metal cups for candles, paintbrush and gold spray paint.

To craft this artistic showpiece, follow these steps:Branch base

  1. Spray paint the entire branch in gold


  1. Cut the craft paper into lemon-shaped rose petals
  2. For each rose, curl 7 petals horizontally and 4 petals vertically using a paintbrush or pencil
  3. Dab hot glue on one tip of a horizontally-curled petal and shape into a cylinder
  4. Using a dab of hot glue on the outer base of each petal, shape remaining petals around central petal base
  5. Repeat with remaining petals, using the vertically-curled petals for the center


  1. Cut green colored paper into leaf shapes
  2. Glue onto branches


  1. Hot glue candles in metal cups to nooks and crannies of the branch

Source: The House That Lars Built

10 Occasions for Paper Flowers + Tutorials!

6. Calla lily gift wrap

Occasion: Mother’s Day

As a child, mom was always the biggest fan of your arts and crafts, proudly placing all of your crayon and marker masterpieces on display for all to see. To play on that childhood memory, dress up your gift to mom on Mother’s Day with these simple DIY calla lily gift box accents.

Here’s how to create gift box accents that mom will treasure:

  1. Cut a 3-5-inch square of white or colored paper into the shape of a lemon
  2. Fold a 5-inch square of yellow crepe paper in thirds lengthwise
  3. Shape the lemon-shaped calla lily petal around the yellow crepe paper and staple together at base, making sure to secure all the layers together
  4. Cover the staple with a paper leaf using double-sided tape
  5. Punch holes through both the leaves and the flowers, and string your gift ribbon or twine through

Source: Oh Happy Day

10 Occasions for Paper Flowers + Tutorials!

7. Paper flower wreath

Occasion: Spring welcome

Springtime offers the perfect opportunity to clean out those old craft bins and create something beautiful to welcome the coming season. Recycle leftover holiday cards, wrapping paper or patterned craft paper by crafting this colorful spring wreath to greet guests as they enter your home.

To welcome the spring with these adorable wreaths, follow these simple steps:

  1. Cut out assorted paper into single petal shapes using a template
  2. Punch a hole into one side of each petal
  3. Stack several flower petals on top of one another, fanned out into the shape of a flower
  4. Insert a brad into the center of each flower and flatten the ends to secure
  5. Cover cardboard wreath form with scrap fabric or paper
  6. Hot glue flowers onto the wreath form

Source: Hello Lucky

10 Occasions for Paper Flowers + Tutorials!

8. Paper dogwood flowers

Occasion: Baby shower

For an elegant touch to baby shower brunch, craft up these dainty faux dogwood branches to accent walls, place in vases, or use to decorate gift tables.

To craft these exquisite accents, follow these instructions:

  1. Fold 5-inch paper cardstock square in half, then in half again.
  2. Open square and fold diagonally both directions to create eight even triangle segments
  3. Fold paper back up into a square
  4. Cut out square into a heart-shaped petal
  5. Unfold and mark the center of each flower with a sunburst stamp
  6. Cut out leaves with green cardstock or construction paper
  7. Secure flowers and leaves to branch using craft glue

Source: Martha Stewart

10 Occasions for Paper Flowers + Tutorials!

9. Crepe anemone place cards

Occasion: Dinner party

These detailed, yet easily achievable, little crepe beauties can double as escort cards or name cards for an elegant, personalized dinner party. With just a little floral wire and tape, crepe paper, and cotton balls, you can achieve this look to cater to any dinner party style or theme, while ensuring all of your guests have a take-home token to remember the evening.

Here’s how:

  1. Wrap cotton ball around the top of a wire; add short piece of crepe paper on top and twist the ends around the wire
    Fringe longer strips of crepe paper; wrap the fringed strip around the covered cotton ball and wire structure
    Stack sheets of 4-inch square crepe paper and cut into shape of petals using a template; cut a small hole in the center of each flower cutout
    Carefully thread two layers of the flower shapes onto the stem structure
    Attach paper cardstock leaves to each stem with a handwritten or stamped name on each
    Wrap the stem and flower with floral tape to hold it all together

Source: Ruffled

10 Occasions for Paper Flowers + Tutorials!

10. Giant wall flowers

Occasion: Kids birthday

Kids will just love making these giant flower blossoms at their next birthday party. Plus, all you need are scissors, tape and some fun wrapping paper in your child’s favorite colors and patterns for a party he or she will always remember.

Here are the steps to create your own DIY wall blossoms:

  1. Cut wrapping paper into long, rectangular strips
  2. Accordion-fold each strip in 2-cm. increments
  3. Cut a quarter circle out of one end of the folded strips to shape the flower petal
  4. Secure the other end of the folded strips with tape
  5. Carefully open up the fan, making the rounded edges meet in a circle
  6. Tape the ends together

Source: Love Mae